Quiz: Is your soul’s life purpose calling you?

Find out more by taking this short quiz.

1. Do you have the feeling that you ‘should’ be doing something more?

2. Did you lose your job?

3. Is your professional career not satisfying or supporting you?

4. Does your work life and your spiritual life feel like separate compartments?

5. Do you know you have a ‘calling or a mission’ and just not sure what that is?

6. Do you think you’re a healer?

7. Would you rather be doing anything else except what you’re currently pursuing?

8. Do you wish someone would just tell you your ’life purpose”?

9. Do you wonder why God put you here without an ’owners manual”?

10. Do you just ‘know’ there’s something more to life?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above – here’s how you scored!

8-10 Yes answers = Without a doubt it’s time to start living your soul’s life purpose..don’t wait!
5-7 ‘yes = You’re starting to think about it way 2 go!
less than 5 = congratulations! you must already be living your soul’s life purpose!!!

To help you discover your soul’s true purpose, consider getting a hand analysis.  Learn more here…

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    A new year a new you? Are you living your soul’s life purpose?

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